Everyone should know about the KMPlayer Filters. If you have the media player already downloaded onto your computer, you may or may not have wondered about the extra features it offers.

KMPlayer Filters Decoder

KMPlayer Filters

The KMPlayer Filters are used to process information in audio and video files that we open through the media player. There are different ways you can filter your video and files, it all depends on how much you’d want to filter in or out.

The first particular one out of the KMPlayer Filters that seems to be used time and time again is the Decoder. The decoder is a filter that decodes or decompresses an audio or video stream. A fun thing to know is that video and audio signals are separated, so there’s going to be a decoder for each.

Most people use the internal decoder of the KMP because it’s quick, easy and gets the job done. You can find an external decoder but that’s usually best for the advanced users.

KMPlayer Filters Splitters

KMPlayer Filters Decoders

Most people use a Splitter when they venture into the KMPlayer Filters options. The Splitter works by separating the video and audio files of a single movie file into two separate files in the output folder.

Some reports say that changing the Splitter for a particular extension can be the solution to playback problems. The “System Default” extension will allow the KMP to use the Splitter registered in the system to this extension.

Now you know about the KMPlayer Filters.