We’re here to name a few KMPlayer Problems. Users from all over the world have been having KMPlayer Problems both big and small.

KMPlayer Problems

KMPlayer Problems

Let’s get one thing clear here before we just dive right in, the picture quality on the media player is top-notch, and it doesn’t have a problem playing 1080p videos. So for the people who are saying that the video player isn’t functioning properly, make sure that your graphics card and ram is able to handle the video file.

The latest KMPlayer Problems that is working on getting fixed is the slight problems with the window size and full screen view. Not everyone is experiencing this problem however; we plan to make it so this will never happen again.

If you’re stuck in a window mode that you do not like, simply install a previous version of the KMPlayer.

KMPlayer Problems Bugs

KMPlayer Problems Subtitles

One of the main KMPlayer Problems that is easily fixed is the rendering subtitles option overlooked by the viewers.

Although this is not a real problem with the software, it’s just really easy to look past the options. Inside the preferences select “Subtitle Processing” then look into the multi-sub/etc selection and enable your subtitle file extension and check “Render in real time”.

We hope to update you on all KMPlayer Problems.