Looking for the KMPlayer Settings and Controls? We’ll recommend some useful tools that you can use to watch your videos with no problems. Everything that came with the video player is user friendly so all the controls are pretty much interactive.

KMPlayer Settings and Controls Guide

KMPlayer Settings and Controls

Let’s start with the OSD messages, this can be found in your tools tab on the KMPlayer Settings and Controls. It’ll then show you some checkboxes and color pads, this will allow you to change the font and color of your display messages (volume quality color and other text displays).

The Playback tab is used to configure the transparency of the fonts. There’s an option in there that will show the filename while the video is playing if selected, you can also show a timer or clock.

KMPlayer Settings and Controls

KMPlayer Settings and Controls Display

A bunch of the settings can be configured, but as said before it is all up to how you want the KMPlayer to look. The KMPlayer Settings and Controls allow you to make the design happen. So fiddle around with the settings, if you don’t like it you can always change the settings back. Now if you really mess up and can’t find a solution for it, reset the settings and you’ll be fine.

Play around with the KMPlayer Settings and Controls.